Easily record and edit Skype conversations



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Vodburner is a tool that allows you to record video of any conversation that you have on Skype. You can then edit it, easily making cuts and adding transitions, images, and text.

The program records the two sides of the conversation (although you can change it at any moment) at the maximum possible resolution, with optimal video quality in ASF or WMV format, perfect to upload your video to YouTube or any other site.

Vodburner also includes 'Anti-drift' technology, thanks to which the two images will always be in tune, so you can avoid discrepancies between the two. In other words, your videos will always be impeccable, and viewed in whatever aspect ratio you like (depending on your monitor, one or the other will look better).

Vodburner should be especially interesting for those of you who do video podcasts with other people who live far away.

The trial version leaves a watermark on all videos.

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